Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As some of you already know, I've had to neglect my G.O.M.E. responsibilities over the past few months. Rather than boring you all with details, I'd like for ALL the G.O.M.E. Faithful to pay Matias some thanks for keeping this blog rockin' and rollin'.

That said, I rarely address anonymous cats here, but some nameless douche called Matias "gay" for posting the SILVERCHAIR debut. I simply don't understand comments like that. We post records that we dig, in hopes that likeminded cats will find them and enjoy them with us. I would say that since the inception of G.O.M.E., the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I'm not blowing shit out of proportion here, I realize this is just some eunoch trying to butch-up by talking shit on the internet, but I'm going to make an example of this gender-non. Why waste time insulting people? Would you call Matias "gay" to his face? I doubt it.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I hope all the GOMIES dig the occasional non-traditional fare. The truth is that you can only post so many killer stoner rock and doom metal records before you start grasping for straws. I'm ready to open it up a little more. Actually, I'm ready to open it up a LOT more.

Stay tuned for more excellent records, more disparaging remarks about anonymous closet cases that aren't as anonymous as they might think (next time I'm posting your IP addy, cocksucker), and be on the lookout for the return of ELEVATED RADIO.

Be good to one another. 'Til we meet again...


ksn said...

it's always amazed me how blog visitors feel like it's totally fine to, when they comment, bitch about bitrates, dead links and even what's on offer.

as for opening shit up, bring it. the 'non-stoner' stuff you've been posting collectively's been great - either a trip down memory lane or something new to give a spin.

re: the 'gay' dude - what a peach-flavored douche. odds are pretty high mathias would eat your lunch in the real world...

big jack & mathias, thanks for the stuff you put up. you've got a great thing going here.

cheers from NYC, ksn

ps. if you're taking contributions, i've got some great funk boots you might like.

Matias said...

HAHA, bro, I took it as a joke, I knew it wouldn't fit everyones taste... so i saw it coming.. anyway, I think this guy was just joking, we are cool.
I'd like also to take this window to thanks all of you guys, for your support and everyhing, here, over facebook (we broke the 100 members barrier :)).
This only encourage me to keep bringing you the best and posting more...so get ready, more gay stuff coming up hahaha.
love you guys (it's been a while since the last time I told you this).
BJ, can't wait for the 09 elevated Radio edition.
cheers to all

Anonymous said...

Hey do you guys have an email address or something?

I've got some albums you should definitely post up.

Big Jack said...

KSN -- Good looks, bro. I'm always up for some good funk boots.

Matias -- You've kept this motherfucker going, man. I really appreciate that, my friend.

Anonymous -- Feel free to post links in these comment sections or on the Facebook page, and we'll make sure your contributions get a proper post. We'll give you credit, of course.

Anonymous said...

Will do :)

Caron said...

Hey, welcome back. I liked the idea of opening a bit the scope of this awesome place.

I love stoner/doom, but I just recently heard two awesome albums that you might like:

Demian (1971)

Irish Coffee (1971)


rawk on!
thanks for all you guys do

ksn said...

Alright, guys, here’s a couple things….

The Ike And Tina Turner Revue - 1974 Live At U. Of Maine (3.24.74): Strong show, incredible version of ‘shaft’, great covers. I&T could work a crowd, that’s for sure.


James Brown - 1974 Live In Zaire: A boot of his show around the Rumble In The Jungle Foreman-Ali fight, soundboard.


The Monks - 1966 Black Monk Time: these guys are sleepers, worth checking out, proto-garage type stuff. They did fuzz early, actually showed Hendrix (not that he couldn’t have figged out anything on the guitar on his own hehe) a couple tricks, apparently. Some people I know peripherally at a production company called playloud! in Berlin just came out with documentary on them, won some prizes.



matias and big jack, enjoy ‘em. Tags/artwork should all be fine. feel free to repost etc.

thx again for an awesome (and inspiring) blog.
ksn nyc

Big Jack said...

KSN - This is a goldmine of groove! Thanks for sharing, man.

Matias said...

my legs started shaking right now!! KSn you got the groove man!!
thanks a lot.

ksn said...

matias, you be gettin' on the good foot. that's what i'm talkin' about hehe.

my pleasure, guys. just slingin' the groove around, is all.

speaking of...have a colour haze boot in the pipes. fucking love that band.

ksn nyc

Big Jack said...

Dude this JBs set had the band at their absolute peak. The Collins brothers, Fred Wesley, Maceo...it's like Funkadelic Phase II with J.B. on vocals! Amazing performance.

I snagged the Monks as well. Thanks for this one especially. I've always heard OF them, but never found any of their records. This will be a treat.

I'm also looking forward to Ike & Tina. Thanks again, bro.

ksn said...

yeah, the JBs are something else on that Zaire boot. (loved the hardware and merda posts, btw, nicely done)

curious to see what you think of the monks. there is some boss concert footage of them on YT, B&W, some German 60s TV show.

dug up something else you might like, had forgotten i'd uploaded these...a dyke & the blazers 2 disc comp. uneven, but some amazing songs. i can see why JB thought at one point that dyke was competition.



Big Jack said...

KSN -- Man, The Monks record is INSANE! I'll definitely get it on Mediafire and give it a proper post. The organ stuff really fills out the unique sound. So bizarre, but so fuckin' cool. Cheers!

ksn said...

big jack - that's some shit, hunh? they've got that insane organ...and a fuckin' banjo, my dad's German, remembers seeing them in his mid-20s somewhere near frankfurt. he says the crowd didnt know how to handle them - in retrospect, like beaming 'raw power' era stooges back in time to the 50s.

feel free to recycle that RS link. i've got a premium acct (or whatever the hell it's called these days), that link'll be good for a while yet.

ksn said...

ps glad you like that, by the way. been spreading that particular piece of gospel for a good long while ;) one of those bands that history kind of forgot but mos def deserve a getting spun.

slik said...

Welcome back, Jack.
ksn, can't thank you enough for the Monks link. I too, had heard Jello call them an influence, but never actually heard them. Amazing when you think that this is from
'66. WOW!