Sunday, December 21, 2008

End Of Year Compilation

I recently made a compilation for the guys over at the Sludge Swamp (blog I encourage you to follow), and I thought, "what the hell" I will share it with my Gomies®, since they appear to like compilations like the one posted below. Let me tell you that it is a little bit twisted, though most of the tracks have been posted here.
Cheers my friends, have a great year.

1- Not a Nice Man from Detroit - Trailer Hitch
2- 2x7- Colour Haze
3- Bison - Queen Elephantine
4- Yeah! - Red Stoner Sun
5- Alohawaii - Los Natas
6- The Money rolls right in - Mudhoney
7 - In The Depthes - Nebula


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Anonymous said...

Can you get something from Likehell? I try everywhere but didn´t get anything