Thursday, December 11, 2008

BOB SEGER - BACK IN '72 (1973)


Again, not typical G.O.M.E. fare, but a long-forgotten hard rock gem. Despite interest from fans over the course of 35 years, Back in '72 has never been issued on CD. There's a lot here to appreciate, and not just the original studio version of "Turn the Page". Bob's take on the ALLMANS' great "Midnight Rider" is more Motown boogie and southern blues, while "Rosalie" was covered by Thin Lizzy just two years later. The title track features some excellent riffing from none other than J.J. Cale, while "Neon Sky" makes you want to track Bob down in Detroit and get him on your own songs. All in all, this is a great rock record that has somehow evaded the CD generation. And if I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: IF IT'S TOO OLD, YOU'RE TOO LOUD!

1. Midnight Rider
2. So I Wrote You a Song
3. Stealer
4. Rosalie
5. Turn the Page
6. Back in '72
7. Neon Sky
8. I've Been Working
9. I've Got Time



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Anonymous said...

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slik said...

Ahh, back when Bob was makin, some GREAT ROCK N ROLL!