Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Waxy - Chainsaw Massacre (2007)

Another Palm Desert's son, a very "radio friendly" release, with some varied influences, you will recongnize a little bit of "Brother Brant", a little Fatso, some Hermano, and so on....but much much more softened than this others representatives of the desert storm. Do I like it?....welll, just a few tracks...

Cheers and have a good year!!!
Fuck the crisis!

01 - Motorcade
02 - It’s Over
03 - White Walls
04 - Over Before It Began
05 - Vicious
06 - Deny Yourself
07 - Tied On Tight
08 - Nothing’s Impossible
09 - Shadow
10 - Remember…Useless
11 - Grab Bag
12 - What We Were
13 - Lost Invisible


Pink Ant said...

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pascalito said...

Thanks for this one.

Anonymous said...

can you check the link? looks broke. thanks

Big Jack said...

Wow...this is killer. I'm actually surprised by how much I dig this.