Wednesday, December 10, 2008


For those who appreciate Lannegan stuff this may interest you, not really a regular GOME stuff, but yet could be useful for one of those moments...

1 The Truth About Cows
2 Surgery
3 Play Dead
4 The Top Of the World
5 The Egg
6 Andalusia
7 Bells And Whistles
8 The Simple Truth
9 Spook The Herd
10 Pills
11 Stoned




Big Jack said...

Wow, I thought I was a Lanegan fan but I've never heard of this. Years ago, there was a half-decent indie band out of Kansas City called Shiner. This obviously isn't the same band, haha.

Alan Parsons said...

I don't understand how Lanegan keeps getting linked back to Shiner. He never was in the band. This is the band from Kansas City you're thinking of. I recall seeing them in 92 as well as early 2000's.

Same group. Nothing to do with Lanegan.

Matias said...

no man, I've never said Lanegan was related to them somehow, Just sound like Lanegan harder stuff, if i may say hard when talking about Lanegan.

DC said...

This was a tragically underrated album by a tragically underrated band, but easily one of my favorites. It's still a shame Shiner never got their due.

bobbysu said...

thank you very much