Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Ultimate Fuzz Collection - V/A

A clasic compillation, lots of well known artists,but just in case one of them slipped to you.
(and looking the cover art, I recommend you the new Boss FZ5 Fuzz effect pedal)
That's about it, I'm speachless today.

1. Dozer – Man made mountain
2. Los Natas – Tufi meme
3. Truckfighters – Analougus
4. Astroqueen – Other side of nothing
5. Greenleaf – Black black magic
6. Gonzalez – Dusted
7. Cowboys & Aliens – Ghost in my speaker
8. Elephantum – Black butterfly
9. Sunride-Vinegar fly
10. Dexter Jones circus orchestra – Fools in the band
11. Freedom bleeder – Pretend
12. Spiritu-Throwback
13. Firestone-Jack
14. Mezzanine – Dig a hole
15. WE – Lost crossroad found
16. Brant Bjork – Rock n´ role



Insane Riez said...

Very cool compilation!

mad4music said...

This looks like an EXCELLENT compilation! I'm downloading it immediately. Thanks!

NorthernCrap said...

This is awesome!! thanks!

Cheers, Inga

spaceradio said...

Thanks for uploading this. Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra is awesome. Is there any chance you might be able to upload their first (self titled) album? Or even post a link to buy mp3s of it online? I can only find sites that are selling their second album.

pascalito said...

Yep, this is a fine comp.
Belgium: f**king raining.
My mind: driving through the Californian desert.

slik said...

Been listenin' to this for daize............

slik said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this compilation, I love some of these bands and if I ever see this at the store I'll buy it. Doubt it though!

Cheers mate.

supermandre said...

I thought it'd be hard to find this compilation, but this blog entry was my first search result on Yahoo. ;) great stuff, especially the Elephantum track is dope!