Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Another Man's Ruin casualty, a Sludgy Southern Whisky Rock, (12 years Scotch, may I say?). Love the song, an extract form their myspace site.

1994 was the year,Trailer Hitch was the group,this band of five individuals ruined so many tour vehicles,stages,borrowed instruments and dressing rooms that I can't mention the individuals by name.These were nice men during the day,then something changed when the smell of the bar hit their collective olfactory sences and it was time to start thinking about the mission ahead of them.They became some sort of single brained machine capable of anything and consuming everything.There are hundreds of incredible stories from shows of raw meat,explosives,blood and a shit load of cold beer smashed together with Marshalls to eleven,bombastic drumming,while being spearheaded by a screaming sinewy six foot three ex-demolitions specialist who enjoyed hurting himself while in the nude with combat boots on.The mix of personalities in this band was cumbustable at best and the band longevity was short(6 years)but blindingly bright(due to a visit to a indiana fireworks outlet).This was a band who was cursed from the jump,Studio sessions wrecked by inept engineers,Instruments stolen,kicked out and banned from clubs ..sometimes halfway thru the set,vehicles broken into and members nearly murdered,Trailer Hitch somehow released two CD's but recorded four..they should of been huge but they were their own worst enemies....thats why we loved em so god damn much,cuz they were Beautiful fuckin Disasters...

1.Big trucking Daddy
2.Big Truck Pull
3.Slim Jim
4.Naked Family Man
5.Learned To Wrestle Real Good In Vietnam
6.Gas Huffin' Glue Sniffin' Superma
7. The Shit Is Real [any Wrestling Federation]
8.Lonely Trucker Song
9.Square Dancin'
10.Where is Miami
11. Hey Get Your Cold Beer


RogerT said...

you can definitively say its from Man's Ruin R.I.P.
Excellent Post Matias!'s from 1997 :lol:

Matias said...

Yeah, you know I don't particulary go for this kind of sub genre, but I must say that this one is FUCKING AWESOME, the best southern sludge I ever heard..

L. said...

will you marry me? thanks.

kurt said...

I listened to 'Slim Jim' so much today that I actually went and bought a Slim Jim from the grocery store next door. Wow, these things are inedible gnaw sticks. Pabst Blue Ribbon and Slim Jims forever!

Matias said...

HA HA HA.. lol
check Mercenario's blog, there you have the other Trailer Hitch album....
Vegetals are good

Big Jack said...

Am I the only one that hears a big Melvins influence here? Killer post, Matias.