Monday, February 11, 2008


For the 150 of you checking in today for Elevated Radio, and especially the five or six of you that intend to leave comments about the show, I regret to note that there will be no Elevated Radio until tomorrow at the earliest. Your humble host injured himself this morning, during domestic duties, leaving a hole in his right hand in which a goldfish could live a long and happy life. The medication for said injury, especially coupled with the usual Big Jack booze intake, might sound like the makings of a great show. Unfortunately, I'm just not up to it. I'll try tomorrow, and if it doesn't happen, maybe one of you guys will put together a good show in my absence.

Damn Romans,

Big Jeezy


Matias said...

get well soon man!!
BTW, If I my memory doesn't fool me, is this the third time you injure yourself?? WTF?? HAHAHA
seriously man, get well

Step said...

Awww :(

Big Jack said...

Yeah, Mighty Matias, I have a hard time keeping out of harm's way!

slik said...

I know how you feel Big Jack. They used to call me "Crash". Get well soon.

El Zilcho said...

Damn, I hope you heal up fast. Also, mixing painkillers and booze probably isn't a great idea.

Rinjo Njori said...

"during domestic duties"

hmmm... Drive a mop handle through your palm? Back to show number 13...

Iván said...

A 3rd injury? In how long? Is this a cry for help?

It might be a good idea to do a show right now. You know, in your current prescribed condition.

Get well soon, man.

Cheeto said...

Get well soon, Big Jack. We are seriously worried about you. I'm calling that Intervention show on A&E and sending that bald-headed guy down to KC to haul your ass off to some cozy rehab place in Miami Beach...(LOL!)

Big Jack said...

First things's first, and I'll no doubt mention this on tommorow's show, but I find it kinda fucked up that I get more love for a post about NOT HAVING A SHOW than I do when I post a show.

That said, thanks for all your well-wishes. It really ain't a big deal, the shit just made for a long day.

Slik-- I used to have a buddy we called "Crash", man! You can't be the same dude, though. Unless you're like 50 now. And black. And dead.

Rinjo-- I don't know where you came up with that (yeah, I kinda do, haha), but I challenge anyone to let me drive a jagged circular pipe into their palm (pics coming soon) and crack wise.

Ivan-- No cry for help, my friend. Just real shitty luck. And my last mishap wasn't exactly an accident, but we'll keep that off G.O.M.E. and in the wastebasket where it belongs.

Cheeto-- Don't send that fucker to my house, man, unless he wants to get beat (on his own show) with a broomhandle covered in my blood! Really, though, when I think about it...Miami sounds nice. I wonder how much coke I can fit in my...nevermind.

reverend atman said...

hate to be a jerk and get off-topic here.

your playlist thing, on the right-hand side? where are you posting those songs?

I just encountered a bandwidth problem.

i know you posted a contact email at one point, but I'm a sketchy semi-ex pothead, and I lost your email.

need some help.

slik said...

It aint me dude. I'm white, ain't quite 50 and ain't quite dead.

Iván said...

I was thinking about how many comments a non-music post had generated as I was typing, but I jumped on the bandwagon anyway. It just means we care. Wooo!

Anonymous said...

feel like re-uping the gearhead comp "runnin' on fumes"?
thank you

Matias said...

man, I lost most of my collection on a hard drive crash, and guess wht? the gearhead comp was there, fortunately (?) I recovered some of my files n the gearhead is about an 70% complete, is this good for you, I can reupload it if you wan't. just let me know.

Anonymous said...

sure, that would be great...myself i lost 40000+ clips - the tech guy said he could do data recovery -- for $300 - so i said ok but after two weeks he had only "recovered" about 1 gig so i'm doing it manulaly (searching re-d.ling and writing letters begging for re-ups)
thanks again

Anonymous said...

hey jack,

hopefully you're feeling better dude.

was wondering if you were able to upload that recording of clutch at the hi fi bar in melbourne... i'm pretty sure it was up on lucidmedia at one point but it was gone before i could snag it.


jordan adams

ksn said...

big jack - feel better, man. we'll all acknowledge that you're a jesus -like figure to us when it comes to riffage, but you don't have to self-perforate to prove it.

just dropped this over at sludgeswamp, doing the same here - ojo rojo's '01 four-track EP 'amphetamine rock'. think of a cross between , spiritual beggars, motoerhead, fu, with some old school fuck rock like mc5 thrown in.

art work and tags are done (no pass), feel free to repost separately...or just put it in a pipe and smoke it hehe.

ojo rojo is or was a berlin-based band, named after a fu tune. this one's self-produced, and excellently so. great band live, paid their dues, released a full length in 03 called 'tunes from the way out' that i'm still looking for and'll post here if there's interest.

cheers from NYC,

alice in wonderland said...

dear big jack,
would you re-up fireball ministry's fmep? i only find this album on your blog but unfortunately the link is dead.
i hope you get well soon.
best wishes from brasil.
(i'm sorry for my poor english...)