Tuesday, May 29, 2007


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In preparation for QOTSA's upcoming release, Era Vulgaris, I thought I'd post this live performance from XFM Radio. Three new tracks and an interview (conveniently split into two segments). If the size of the file seems abnormally large, that's because I've included a little bonus. Just G.O.M.E.'s way of thanking you for being more active on the boards and contributing to the site. All I ask is that you don't mention this "bonus" by name in your comments, and that you don't let any leak on ya. Enjoy.

1. Interview (pt. 1)
2. 3's & 7's
3. Interview (pt. 2)
4. Into the Hollows
5. Suture Up Your Future



mad4music said...

Sweet! I was sufficiently stoked about the QOTSA XFM Radio performance, now I see the secret "bonus" you've included... excellent! I can't wait to give it a listen. Thanks, bro.

Anonymous said...

great thanx

Matias said...

the queen is dead I'm afraid, after listening ERA vulgaris, i think this guys reached point of no return... anyway, it still the best rock band these days. great the bonus idea

Gav said...

thanks for this, good bonus idea... Im with matias though, the queen is dead. I think it would be best if josh knocked the queens on the head. It was good while it lasted

Big Jack said...

HAHA! Matias and Gav are some ol' curmudgeons! I won't try to convince you guys otherwise...hell, I might end up on your side of the fence real soon. I'm giving it a chance, though. While only a couple of the new tracks really jump out at me, maybe the rest will grow on me. I didn't like "Songs for the Deaf" at first. In fact, I fuckin' HATED IT! It grew on me over time, though.

I believe it was Gav who said it best awhile back: In order for QOTSA to truly rock, Nick has to be involved. The albums with Nick are much more inconsistent, but that makes them exciting. The power struggle and egos between those two make for some GREAT fuckin' rock & roll energy.

If you guys are successful in killing off the Queens once and for all (and I am really hoping the good Cap'n chimes in here and agrees with me that the new stuff has its merits), then I think it's time Josh and Nick kiss and make up, then recruit Brant and John for a reunion. I know that's just wishful thinking...but wouldn't it be the shit?

mad4music said...

I dig this new album! I thoroughly enjoy it. It's kinda weird at times... but, I like weird. It's certainly not "more of the same" relative to the albums that preceded it. I'm thinking that this album isn't necessarily some sort of indicator of a new direction Josh is taking the band, but rather a stylistic "changeup pitch" to keep things interesting and shake up the status quo. This really isn't the first time that Josh has surprised us with something unexpected. It kinda reminds me of when I first heard the "Rated R" album. It sounded so significantly different compared to their first album that at first listen I was thinking "WTF?" "Monsters in the Parasol" in particular struck me as just plain weird... but soon I came to love that album. It's now one of my fave QOTSA discs. That said, I totally understand the folks who say they miss the QOTSA of old. I'd like nothing better than to be able to see the old line-up of Josh, Nick, Alfredo, and Dave on stage again... And of course, a Kyuss reunion would be even better!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate it for what it is. A good, solid album. Is it anything like their first two albums? Not even close. Is is a bad album? Not even close...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I know it is now a few years later, but the link is not working. Any chance someone can repost it or give me another link where the files still are downloadable?

Thanks a lot!