Thursday, May 17, 2007


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Judging from the download stats, all the MELVINS stuff I post seems to go over very well. Because of that, I'm assuming some of you will dig the 1992 solo EPs.

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This one's quite a trip. While on the surface it might strike some listeners as a handful of throwaways, or Buzz just fucking around in the studio, it's still entertaining. Buzzo's EP is naturally the most "MELVIN-esque" of the trilogy. Noteworthy is that Osbourne is credited on every instrument except drums. The credited drummer is Dale Nixon. For you history buffs, Dale Nixon is the name the legendary Greg Ginn used for his bass credits on BLACK FLAG's My War, when the band was without a bassist. In this instance, the Dale Nixon in question is Dave Grohl (who also narrates the album's hilarious closer).

1. Isabella
2. Porg
3. Annum
4. Skeeter


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I'm a huge fan of Joe Preston's work with both the MELVINS and EARTH. This record is closer to EARTH, though the EP format prohibits the music from ever really going anywhere. "Bricklebit" teases a pseudo-MELVINS riff and rhythm, but never develops into an actual song. The closer is 23 minutes of drone and noise, tucked away somewhere between Prick and Earth 2.

1. The Eagle Has Landed
2. Bricklebit
3. Hands First Flower


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It should come as no surprise that this one's my favorite. To my knowledge, this was Crover's first crack at being a frontman, and it's a legitimate one-man-band affair. It kicks ass all the way through, and at the end I always find myself cursing its brevity (the entire EP doesn't reach 13 minutes). "Dead Wipe" could've been the best song on In Utero, while "Hurter" is, in my opinion, Crover's finest composition.

1. Hex Me
2. Dead Wipe
3. Respite
4. Hurter



Anonymous said...

Hurter is my favourite too. I find Dale Crover is one of the worlds most underrated musicians, even if I do hate the terms "over" and "under" rated.

The guy is my hero alongside Buzz, and I guess to fill the podium properly, Buzz's hair comes in 3rd place.

iheartpromqueen said...

I have always loved these releases...I have them on vinyl and cassette....just found your blog the other day, thanks for the great stuff.

bourbon said...

Very interesting. Thank you so much.