Friday, January 26, 2007


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Zoroaster is the full-length debut of the great ACID KING, and essential to the collection of anyone who enjoys chemically-enhanced kickass rock n' roll. Lori S. (formerly married to Dale Crover of Nirvana, Melvins, and Altamont fame) pummels with the heaviest guitarists and vocalists in the genre, and while Zoroaster isn't the BEST Acid King LP, it's certainly a great place to start for the uninitiated. Until recently, I wasn't aware that this album was out of print. It's not available at the band's website, though, and there's only one used copy available at Amazon (for $58.35!). This is a great place to start for the future ACID KING fan, but I highly recommend ordering Busse Woods & Acid King III immediately.

1. Evil Satan
2. If I Burn
3. One Ninety-Six
4. Vertigate #1
5. Tank
6. Dry Run
7. Fruit Cup
8. Queen of Sickness
9. Reload
10. Vertigate #2



Anonymous said...

I only wish I knew what the hell you were talking about. I mean, I like music too, but your a "phile". Dont get me wrong, keep it up and keep bringing/finding the good shit that always seems to slip under the radar. Bootchees

Anonymous said...

new link?