Monday, August 31, 2009

Veracrash - 11:11 (2009)

Let me put this simple, this is the Italian Queens of The Stone Age, I mean, (the last QOTSA, Lullabies& Era Vulgaris) this sounds the a lot like that, well, I think, even better than Era Vulgaris...I'm Fucking blown away by this one..
Thanks Alodesert for sharing.. we got a strong candidate for the "Album of the Year".



Alodesert said...

Glad to see it here !

i have a new shit but ..sorry thats not from italy..and not stoner at all but thats still rock music

this band is from England, London
called "Penthouse" and they splited up a couple of years ago,very bluesy and dirty like i never heard before

Gutter Erotica:

some other band will come if you dont mind.

still lovin' your blog
see ya

fortnight1066 said...

It was good, very QOTSA-y without being derivative.

Anonymous said...

too similiar to Queens for my taste

whythefly said...


YD said...

somebody had stolen the next QOTSA album tabulatures and everything played and recorded it... why not... era vulgaris sucks by the way

Paul said...

I like it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Veracrash???!?!?!?? is too similar to Qotsa, I don't like this kind of bands. Too simple! FUCK!

Rockspeny said...

I like it, thanks Matias. It gets better the longer the album goes on, with the female vocal on Russian Roulette and the instrumental Breakfast of Snakes the best tracks. I wouldn't say its a QoTSA pastiche at all,just a similar guitar sound. Wish the tracks had more hooks, that will come as they develop I hope. I am keeping tabs on their Myspace for future.

Anonymous said...

Their facebook:

Anonymous said...

"My Brother The Godhead" is the new album from VERACRASH, out December 2012!