Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Perfect Rat - Endangered Languages (2007)

As promised, check this line up Jack Brewer (voice), Gary Arce (guitar), Mario Lalli (guitar), Greg Ginn (bass), Bill Stinson (drums), Tony Atherton (sax)....
Yes, you read right, Greg Ginn.. can you imagine the outcome?, no, no you can't.. this is a terrific album.. great lyrics, great tunes...another must have

01. Clouds
02. Painted Canyons
03. The Rodent's Option
04. Tropical Depression
05. Bluebeam
06. Weightless and Blind
07. The Saint of Lost Things
08. Chewing Metal
09. Semi Nomadic



Anonymous said...

Very,Very cool...Thanks alot for this one ...been jamming to this all day!Great line up,hope they put out more.


Anonymous said...

Oh hell yes! Kind of like some Acid Bath/Black Flag/Rollins-Wartime hybrid spoken word tripped out mess. Ginn is the man.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff!!

Thanks alot for this!!

Rockspeny said...

Thanks Matias, been wanting to hear how this turned out for a while.

I caught Masters of Reality live in Nottingham earlier this year, got talking to Matthias Schneeberger after the gig, and he said he'd been working with The Lalli's and Tony Tornay on a new Fatso album, due in 2010. How awesome is that? Can't wait....

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Wow. Interesting record, to say the least! Thanks!

Dragonaut said...

please reup man