Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Walking between the fine line of stoner-kraut-psych-jazz, this guys from Denmark totally deliver... I recomend their entire discography, most of it, released by "Elektrohash Records" (Colour Haze) so, you know it's good, as their entire catalogue.

1. Sun Prayer
2. Rip Tide
3. The Open Road
4. Cinecittà
5. Tropic of Capricorn


BTW, tired of fucking zshare for preview purposes, I made a practical preview system where you can stream one track from the recent posts, so you can have them all in one place, and as if this were not enough, I have embeded a game, so you can hear some music and have fun while you are at it, do we love you or what???


black hole son said...

Thanks for continuing to post kick ass music, especially these last two. Never heard of Oak's Mary before, they're great! I like the new preview thing too, haha.

Matias said...

yeah man! that fucking game is awesome...welcome back bro!
BTW, There is a little bonus track in the preview

Martijn said...

I also have summer session volume 3, I can link/send it to you. Or do you have it aswell?

Matias said...

Hey Martijn!! Thanks man!
I do have the volume 1 & 3, but this is my favourite "summer session" so far... I do recommend their first album (selftittled) it sounds a lot like Colour Haze.

Anonymous said...

yeah please upload summer session volume 3

Anonymous said...

The 3 CDs are out - amazing packaging!

Romain said...

Thanks a lot gueys, always a pleasure to read you, and listen.

talking about Color Haze here is the RoadBurn Live, was missing here:

(link, once agina not mine so thanks to the uploaders, Colour Haze Live)

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