Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TANK 86 - BEHOLD (2008)

As they define themselves, an "Instrumental Heavyness".. it sounds like a kick in your balls... another great band from Holland... if you like High on fire, Baroness.. you should check this out..
over and out.




Matias said...

hey... 400 downlods and no comments?
more post like this coming up soon

Insane Riez said...

Hey Matias, you know how it works. People download a lot, but almost never leave a comment.
This album is great, anyway

Yoast (legal stoner) said...

Tanks for the Thank86!

big boy said...

Thanks for this. Nice and heavy.

Rockspeny said...

Finally got round to listening to this the other day Matias, and I really dig it! Good n phat, just the right side of metal in a couple of places, almost going there but having the sense not to. Good stuff! Looking for an original now, track one Moloch didn't decompress so I'm playing 2 to 5 over n over.
Thanks Matias.

Anonymous said...

track 01 molloch is corrupt and cannot be played in wmp but it can be played in winamp
it must be reconverted to mp3 so it can be played in wmp.

that's all

Anonymous said...

Great metal, for a change! Uk Tour now please!