Sunday, June 28, 2009

Solarized - Driven (2001)

The cover art fits perfectly, it sounds like a trip across the desert in a Charger (I love that car) with the trunk full of cosmic grooves... I can't think of a better metaphor for that haha

1. Intro
2. Dig the Ride
3. Born of Fire
4. Chrome Shop
5. Meanspirit
6. Angel
7. Stab Yor Back
8. Firefight
9. Box Full of Dirt
10. Southbound
11. Conspiracy
12. World Without End



Pit said...

It looks more like a 1970 Challenger

RobbyBobson said...

Pedantic car comments aside, this is great! Really solid album, fuzzed out and right to the point of groove-rocking.

Matias said...

yeah pit, it's a challenger, I was thinking of a charger when I wrote that haha, it's a challenger..

Dr. Carrion said...

It looks more like one of my Hot Wheels, :p

Let's have a check!


Luke said... you guys have "The Birth of Sol" compilation by Yawning Man??
That'd be huge.


Martin said...

The Birth of Sol music is still to be released ;)

Matias said...

yeah, is not released yet for what I heard

Luke said...

oh. well i heard otherwise. sorry to bother.

Martin said...

No, you are right Luke, after some searching and asking around it seems it has been released on iTunes, i'm gonna buy asap, but I can't find my creditcard.. haha