Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IOTA - Tales (2008)

Probably, one of the best albums of last year, I really dig this one.. let the "preview" speak for itself..

1. New Mantis
2. We are the Yithians
3. The Sleeping Heathen
4. Dimensional Orbiter
5. Opiate Blues



Kyler said...

Thanks for this! I was looking for it. Lost my copy.

Anonymous said...

LInk is dead

Matias said...

ohh.. fuck MEGAUPLOAD!!
I'll try to upload it to rapidshare today.. but i'm not so sure about re-uploading a file that has been eliminated by copyright violations..
I'll let you know when fixed or not..cheers

berjo said...

Great blog and nice little comments for each album. Those personal views are a great addition to any blog.

Anyway, wanted to preview this album since I've read rave reviews for the one track "Dimensional Orbiter." Unfortunately, link no longer.

Great blog anyway.

Matias said...

thanks berjo...
you know I won't upload it again cuase they took down even the preview.
here is an external link that i didn't upload... so try this one
you can check some of their song over thier myspace site as well


berjo said...

Wow, wanting to hear some snippets and get the whole file! :) Sorry for my 'duh' phase - normally I do check out myspace but again, I went 'duh'. :D

Anyway, thank you for that link!



Anonymous said...

Errr... maybe mediafire'd work better

Anonymous said...

I downloaded it and this album is so great I wanted to get it on vinyl.(I only buy vinyls) Impossible but it is so good that I bought the CD . Really one of the (the?)best stoner rock album i've ever heard. If the link is dead and If you want I upload it, simply ask.
Note for Majors : I download as much as I can and when I find a very good one, I buy it, first on vinyl, second on CD is vinyl is impossible. I buy many new vinyls