Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well, I won't waste time on the Nebula's side, all Nebula's tracks can be found on "DOS EPS" album that I asume you have, if not, you should!
I would like to focus on the Low Rider's side, which is fucking awesome.. like any Low Rider's stuff there is around (not much unfortunately), It's a shame they didn't go further.
Check the preview and then tell me I'm wrong

1. Anything From You (Nebula)
2. Full Throttle (Nebula)
3. Back to the Dawn (Nebula)
4. Fall of Icarus (Nebula)
5. Lameneshma (Lowrider)
6. The Gnome, The Serpent, The Sun (Lowrider)
7. Shivaree (Lowrider)
8. Upon the Dune (Lowrider)



Masterburner said...

Hey man, kickass stuff you've been posting. I was just wondering, are we ever gonna get this Elevator Sessions thing going?

I got me a new amplifier and I'd love to jam some on it. I'm not exceptionally good, but I'm a hardass stoner rock and roller who has always wanted to do a cover of Iggy and The Stooges "I Wanna Be Your Dog"...

So there you go.

Matias said...

well, that project was closed but it will get this going some day, now we are working to take the GOME further ..then when we get a wider audience we can start projects like this one.. stay around for news.

What amp did you get?

Anonymous said...

All your post keep me checking in on a daily basis...great stuff!
one request,how about the new Clutch...thanks for all the great music and keep it fuzzy!


Masterburner said...

*Looks both ways* Line 6 Spider 3 75 watt.

A modeling amp...

Did I just lose street cred? lol

I like all the settings it has. Plus it was cheap. And I think it sounds pretty damn good.

Matias said...

I love line 6 amps, the amp modeling is very real, and you get like 7 amps for a price of one or even less.. congrats man.

Masterburner said...

12 amps, and 400 presets, and my own presets, and fuckin' effects. I've made a kickass Kyuss setting, A Mark Lanegan one that sounds exactly like the guitar solo in "Message to Mine", and more. It's a badass amplifier for only 300, man.

Anonymous said...

I know the Nebula tracks found here are on the DOS Ep Album from those guys but the tracks here are in fact different. The production on the ones here is slightly different and feels a little thicker as well as on the DOS Eps album they added keyboards to a few of the tracks. The EP versions are vastly superior. This is Nebula at their unquestionable peak to me.

reverend atman said...

going through my library, fixing tags, finding incomplete albums and all that, I discovered that I managed to acquire this at a really low shitty bit rate. and my version was missing tracks.