Monday, June 15, 2009

Jimi Hendrix & Brian Jones

I was making some back up of my hard drive yesterday, and found this...
I believe this could be the most interesting jam I heard ever..just amazing.. I' ve been listening to this for two days..
After Monterey 1967, early October, Jimi and Brian compose and record together at Olympic Sound Studios in London two takes of "My Little One" with Chas Chandler producing and Eddie Kramer engineering and the following line-up:
Brian Jones - Sitar and percussions
Jimi Hendrix - Guitar
Dave Mason - Bass and sitar
Mitch Mitchell – Drums

The tracks included,
1. My Little one (take 1) My favourite
2. My Little one (take 2)
3. Ain't Nothing Wrong With That (My little one with Lyrics)

In Early 90's Chas Chandler re mixed this track and added Noel Readings singing as part of a boxset of rarities..

PREVIEW (take one)


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I have an old Hendrix vinyl with Jim Morrison (I think it's called High, Live, & Dirty)where he's drunk and yelling "Fuck her in the ass!" The Jones collaboration is much better.

spees said...



Panteonero said...

Hay teorias conspirativas que afirman que Hendrix y Jones iban a armar una super banda, desintegrando a los stones y en medio iba ir lennon, cosa que a los sionistas dueƱos de las casas de discos no les gusto mucho, ademas que Jones tenia junto con lennon vinculaciones politicas que en plena guerra fria, hacia que se les cayeran los mocos los "lideres" del terror... cuento corto, Hendrix murio, Jones tambien ( esta claro como murio???) y Lennon sufrio el ataque mortal de una victima del programa MK de la CIA.

saludos y suerte!

Laura said...

But who's is singing in the third song?

Anonymous said...

This is so sick. I saw that back stage footage of Jimi and the Stones and have been looking for a way to get this song for a while now.

Now my new quest is to get my hands on a vinyl rip of the Morrison and Hendrix. !! . . .

Thanks a bunch!


Fuk The Doors!! nah not really.

Anonymous said...

Looooooooooove you man!!!!!!!!!