Friday, November 12, 2010

Truckfighters vs Firestone - Fuzz Split Of The Century (2004)

All right, a nice one to start the countdown,by this time I guess you should be familiar with Truckfighters, if not, check older posts. From sweeden with love.


Jody Frosty said...

Well, you know that I hate you after that last post, but I will download this five last posts just to show how I hate you now! hahahahah

Thank U Hermano! Cheers from your neighbor!


Matias said...

brigado amigo!!!

Jolly said...

Thank Matias, much appreciated.

I still think it's a damn shame that you're stopping though, I haven't been able to sleep properly since Wednesday. Where will I find new music now? Although I understand the sentiment behind artists' not wanting their music uploaded onto blogs like this one, I've bought countless CDs on the strength of Matias' recommendations, CDs from bands I wouldn't have heard of otherwise.

Damn shame.