Monday, November 29, 2010

Tia Carrera - The November Session (2005)

I didn't pay much attention to their last release "Quintisential", but this rough recording is very interesting, it reminds me to 5ive some times, a clever mix between jazz/doom/acid jams.

1.Telepathic Confirmation
2.Scenic Oversight
3.As She Sleeps
5.J. Bankston Manor

This was supossed to be the final post, but, trying to fill the requests, I found some interesting stuff, so let's keep this alive to the end of the year


Jody Frosty said...

Yeah man, you should keep it alive till the end of the year...2025!!!!

keep rockin!

fortnight1066 said...

Glad to hear that the GOME will be in operation a little longer! Thanks Matias.

Mari said...

Yeahhhh!!!! \m/ \m/ \m/

Btw, thanks for this Tia Carrera, I was missing it.

dan said...

Sweet, sweet and sweet. Love Tia Carrera, never even knew of this, many thanks once more.

Johnny said...

YOU'RE THE MAN, MATIAS !!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU'RE THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!

awsome, dude !!!!

Prabs said...

thank you very much sir, i dont like posting much in blogs but i do now and then to show some love.

Romain said...

Just dicovering it and once again got to say, thank you.