Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sort of Quartet - Bombas de Amor (1996)

Finally.. I knew I had this one but I didn't know where... now here it is, the most "Jazzy" of the 4 albums..
Enjoy Mr Lalli and his freak friends.


Rich said...

I LOVE YOU! I've been trying to find this thing for years and years... and years.

You've made my day :)

Mat said...

Hell yeah, awesome!

I don't know any other site that would have posted this! Cheers again for all the music over the years.

If you collected all the drinks people owe you you'd never go thirsty (or sober) again!

Antoine said...

Thank you very much for this release!

Rockspeny said...

Fantastic! This is my missing SoQ album, Pump of Love, thanks Matias!