Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dirty York - Waiting on St. George (2009)

All right, one more request filled, straight rock and roll from Australia.. classic..


Anonymous said...



Rockspeny said...

Before you sign off for good amigo, please put out the mystery and tell us what happened to Big Jack?

Matias said...

haha I don't know man.. the last I heard from him was more than a year would be better if he does the closing.. but you know..

Prabs said...

can you please upload, tia carrera - the november session please. cant find it anywhere.
not talking about the actress Tia Carrere but the stoner/psychedelic one.


Matias said...

yeah Prabs, next post will be the november sessions.. I got it.
Cheers my friends

Eduardo Teixeira said...

Thanks man!!!
I´ve been looking for it for a long time.
Thank you again.
Um forte abra├žo (brazilian portuguese).