Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yawning Sons- Ceremony to the Sunset (2009)**FIXED**

Yawning Sons came about via a collaboration between two instrumental bands from different sides of the Atlantic. Last year, Gary Arce from legendary US desert/psych veterans YAWNING MAN (and Fatso Jetson/Ten East/Dark Tooth Encounter) was invited over to the UK to produce a new album by the instrumental progressive electro stoner riff-rock outfit, SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI. Upon arrival, they started jamming it out in the studio and by day's end they realised they'd tapped into something special. The idea of Arce simply "producing" was scrapped. With both acts heading the musical direction, over the course of a week they wrote and recorded an entire album's worth of material together and came to the conclusion that a whole new entity had been born. It is called YAWNING SONS.

1. Ghostship - Deadwater
2. Tomahawk Watercress
3. Wetlands
4. Whales in Tar
5. Meadows
6. Garden Sessions III
7. Japanese Garden



Anonymous said...

Hey man, love what I hear, and love the blog, but track 5 seems to be corrupted, tried downloading it a few times, and same result every time :(
Thanks for the music, keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem. I've listened to the tracks on their MySpace and they're awesome. Please re-up a working version!

Matias said...

allright, working now!!! instead of re-uploading I pasted a link from Saturn's Children blog, BTW, you should check out that blog on a daily basis..

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks dude, and yeah, that's a cool blog, I'd been looking to listen to that BEAK album for a while. I owe you a drink :p

Anonymous said...

Seems to be out of download slots, could we please get a re-up?

Keep up the great work with the blog.
Thanks in advance from Sweden.

Anonymous said...

After refreshing the page it seems to work fine, man I'm so confused!

Thanks again for the awesome blog!

nitro.vo said...

great album. bought it the day it was released.
works well when going to bed stoned.

Rockspeny said...

Thanks for this Matias, the link is down but I got their Myspace page and the tracks sound sweeet! Will be scoring this from Amazon real soon....

Romain said...

In comments on the Treasure Cat post, I've put a link for the Sons of Alpha centauri / treasure cat, the Treasure cat tracks are from Choice Cuts, but cool for SoAC.