Thursday, November 12, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures - S/T (2009)

You judge it... I think, one more time, it's all about Mr. Homme....

1. No One Loves Me & Neither Do I
2. Mind Eraser, No Chaser
3. New Fang
4. Dead End Friends
5. Elephants
6. Scumbag Blues
7. Bandoliers
8. Reptiles
9. Interlude With Ludes
10. Warsaw Or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up
11. Caligulove
12. Gunman
13. Spinning In Daffodils



Agustin said...

Thank you! the first place where I found it. Great expectations for this one.

Congratulations for your blog, it's great

reverend atman said...

hey man, you've had me on your "brotherhood" string of links and I haven't had shit posted there for fucking ages and ages.

and that makes me feel like shit. I've posted my mediafire stoner rock folder there. my mea culpa. I'm soooo sorry for being such a slacker on doing anything.

major personal issues. plus, hiking in Yellowstone. Lotta lame excuses.

here ya go:

plus, there's something screwy with my account on blogspot. I log in but it gives me shit back like I'm not logged in. fuck a duck.

thanks for doing all the shit you do.

Paul said...

Bad ass album!

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate, can't wait to hear this one!


roller tranny said...

A return to form for Homme after a couple of disappointing QOTSA albums. Great stuff!

Agustin said...

dissapointing qotsa albums?
era vulgaris = religion

Peluka said...

Era Vulgaris suck.
This one is really good, but with Olivery could be better.

Cantron said...

if youre open minded, u will love all qoatsa albums,if not u will talk about the older ones and kyuss times...... sure all graet times in rockhistory, but look forward homme is still genius. john paul jones is a dinosaur of rock and Grohl- what should i say. all of them are great, so put your "not so good like...." somewhere. like your anus and butt+uck yourself.

Matias said...

this one has nothing to do with QOTSA, or anything related to Homme, anyway is a great (pop?) album.. Josh is a fucking genious and he can do whatever he want's, and he will sure deliver... I didn't like at first and found it a bit dissapointing, but i found myself singing this songs and get them out of my head... great sngs for singing in the shower : )

Anonymous said...

A nice organic sound, interesting lyric. Trails off alittle on the last few tracks, but a 2nd album would be welcome. Thank you for the upload!

Insane Riez said...

This really sucks! I can't stand the voice of Josh Homme since Era Vulgaris! I can't even enjoy the old QOTSA albums!

Anonymous said...

Yeah pretty inconsistent about 75% of it. At first hated the whole thing but it grew on me. Miss the old groovyness of past QOTSA albums.

Anonymous said...

File's down.

evil eye hOneytree said...

Prob. cuz all the negative jabber. Like your arms are bein twisted to listen.
Great record. Great blog.

Rockspeny said...

Cantron, Matias, I'm with you two on this. You just have to get with the mood groove and all his stuff makes sense, the man's got tone. I wasn't sure about this first time, then I got with the viljamovka and it sounded sweet! Caught them live in Birmingham, such a good gig! They make a lot of sense live, Alain Johannes and JPJ come into the show a lot more than on the studio. MAybe a follow up live album, or Tour Edition to come, me hopes?