Thursday, November 19, 2009

Half Of Zero - The Number of the Least (2004)

Some instrumental from Denver... and there is not much to say.. if you like Karma to burn, this is your shit..

01 Zeta Test
02 Cap'n Laser Pants
03 Theta
04 Epsilon & Son
05 Two lotas More
06 Gamma Rays Give Me Hulk Hands
07 Mice With Needles
08 Yo Momma Eta Sammich
09 Beta Fighting Fish Duel to the Death
10 Delta Skymiles



Anonymous said...

Sweet and sweet. I love Karma to Burn, if this lot are half as good I will be delighted.
Am going to show the K2B love by getting my foot tattooed in their honour,

Matias said...

your foot? hehe..

Anonymous said...

Well it might hurt a bit but it will look rock. How better to show the love? ;)

Anonymous said...

Curly sucks.