Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Kings of Frog Island - III (2010)

well, here it is..
because I don't want to abuse of Elektrohasch records,  avalable only for the weekend.
Can buy it here!

1. In memoriam
2. Glebe Street Whores
3. Bride of suicide
4. Dark on you
5. The keeper of...
6. More than I should know
7. Ode to Baby Jayne
8. I ain't sorry
9. A cruel wind blows
10. The gallowtree gate

Wellcome to the Void!!


Mari said...

I'm waiting for my own proud copy of it from mighty Elektrohasch and I can't wait for it. So it'll be a nice prelude.

Anonymous said...

Thanks o mighty lords of the elevator!
No more headaching over what to do with my friday night...

Serial H

Cheeto said...

Awesome! Thanx, Matias!!!!

Matias said...

Greets to all the Swamp's crew!!

I must confess it isn't as dark as the previous one.. I was expecting some "Welcome to the Void" mark II or something.. But, yet it's a great album.

george_roper said...

A review would have been nice, seeing as you're uploading it for nowt.
Thanks a bundle for only leaving it up for the weekend, hope you've paid for your copy?

Anonymous said...

Te dejo el ultimo de Dragonauta, discazo. Varias opciones de descarga:

Jody Frosty said...

isn't matt betancourt in this band?


Matias said...

@Jody: it is

@anonymous: Gracias, por fin salio.

@George: no yet my friend, waiting to order it from allthatsheavy when available, they ship faster&cheaper

thnx guys. You know I love you.

Prabs said...

thanks gome, but this new album is disappointing compared to "II" their previous album.

Mari said...

well, yes, maybe the level of the II album is difficult to reach, but this new one is good as well, very very charming.
I must say I worship whatever done by Matt Betancourt & friends and I'm sad that, for example, Josiah is aparently stopping activity. :-(

Tony Heslop said...

Personally, I think 'III' is head and shoulders above 'II'

Tony Heslop said...

Personally, I think 'III' is head and shoulders above 'II'