Sunday, July 04, 2010

Black Bombaim - S/T (2009)

Portugal has much more than Cristiano Ronaldo (who I hate) but they also have bands like this one..think of "The Glasspack" but instrumental.. oh yeah..



ricardo said...

fuck yeah!! one of the best portuguese bands ever...
and these guys really deserve the recognition!! nice fellows and awesome tunes...
their last masterpiece "saturdays and space travels" was released just a few months ago.

other directions in Portugal:
the extinct cosmic vishnu`s ep
who are now Aspen (

the briliant label/promoter S.I.R.

and the myspace ambassador:

good trips

Anonymous said...

i second on cosmic vishnu being awesome

Matias said...

i got it, and posting it soon..
btw, the guy from Sonic Ifusion records is a regular GOME reader so we will have to wait his approoval

Kevin said...

anyway we can get the new album soon? ive been dying to check it out ...

Rockspeny said...

Thanks Matias, been into the Portuguese scene since you posted Marbles EP, that was awesome!
Oh yeah, and I hate CR also, glad he's got out of the Premiership and gone to play elsewhere out of my sight, the big girl.

IlĂ­dio Marques said...

Nice words dudes! Sonic Infusion is in a kind of looooooooong vacations. We will back someday, who knows :)

Thanks for the support!

All the best


Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!