Friday, September 11, 2009


Because in here we worship Melvins....
With the same line up as (A) Senile .

1.The Kicking Machine
2.Billy Fish
3.Dog Island
4.Dies Iraea
5.Suicide in Progress
6.The Smiling Cobra
7.Nude with Boots
9.The Stupid Creep
10.The Savage Hippy
11.It Tastes Better Than the Truth



Jordan said...

I actually got a copy of this from my girlfriend recently and I have been fuckin' thrashing it. Smiling Cobra is such a good track.

black hole son said...

Everything they've done since they joined up with the guys in Big Business has been great. (A) Senile Animal is probably my favorite Melvins album.

Big Business is good too, although I kind of preferred Karp. Their albums always sounded shitty and rocked really hard, haha.

G said...

Second on (A) Senile Animal. This album is close, but not quite there. Bogs a bit towards the end. Anxiously waiting to see if they'll do another album as a 4-piece. Melvins seem to release good albums in trilogies. Here's to hoping.

Anonymous said...

Managed to get a signed copy of this album when it came out. To me it sounds like the B-Sides to ASA...regarding the next album Buzz said it'll be totally different, which makes things interesting.


RyGar said...

I've seen these guys about a dozen times in the last few years, and they are NEVER disappointing. From the BIG MELVINS BUSINESS line-up, to a surprise set as a two piece at a benefit show (w/Circle Jerks. the Locust, and others), they are truly one of the greatest enduring live shows to see. All hail King Buzzo.

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