Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange (1994)

I got the Blues.... this is a classic, but maybe some of you missed it. You can feel the amp tubes warmth here.. I love that big fat crunch sound, ( even though it's a Marshall amp)... fucking exploisive blues..

1. Bellbottoms
2. Ditch
3. Dang
4. Very Rare
5. Sweat
6. Cowboy
7. Orange
8. Brenda
9. Dissect
10. Blues X Man
11. Full Grown
12. Flavor
13. Greyhound



Anonymous said...

Wow this is good. Assuming their other stuff is good as well?

Matias said...

yeah, but I like this better

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate, this is a good album!


Anonymous said...

impactante disco,the beast to j.s.b.explosion

Ploni said...

תודה רבה