Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Nether lands never been so high....thanks to our friend Martinj(from the NetherLands), we got the fantastic "birth of Sol" 17 tracks containing demos from the early days (1986 or so)...
Do not expect high quality sound, because you wont get it, but thats the beauty of this in part..
well, enjoy



Martijn said...

You're very welcome, good tunes for everyone! :)
It's 25 tracks btw, 8 on 'tape' 1 and 17 on 'tape' two ;)

Anonymous said...

hey GOME i followed this blog since a long time and so glad to find this here ! can you re-up "sort of quartet" stuff im gonna be so please

another stuff from Mr. Arce


thats Dark Tooth Encounter , i've didnt seen it on this blog so ...


Matias said...

yes.. i ve looking for dark tooth encounter... stay around, I 'll upload sort of quartet and perfect rat soon...
martinj, you are the man..

Anonymous said...

Wow, once again a great download, thank you so much for your hard work guys!

Rock on from Sweden.

Ron said...

Damned Martijn, THANK YOU!!!,and Mayias for put it on.
One to go , that damned Across The River Stuff.....

Grtz, Ron

Anonymous said...

Been searching for this stuff for years. Thanks.

Sean said...

big time awesome! thanks!

fortnight1066 said...

thanks for this Matias.

Eric's Room said...

Can someone please post the artwork in best quality?
I guess that's it:


Also, searching for the Sort of Quartet albuns (old links)
and the Rock Formations dvd...

1.Perpetual Oyster
2.Digital Smoke Signal
3.Rock Formations
4.Stoney Lonesome
5.Split Tooth Thunder
6.Crack, Harden, Dry
8.Fires Of Papa's Chili
9.Advanced Darkness
10.Encounters With An Angry God
11.Buffalo Chips
12.Airport Boulevard

How can I make a Request of that? Just that comment work? I don't know, there isn't some YM forum around?

By the way, thank you all very much for the stuff around.

Anonymous said...

This is up on iTunes at the moment if you feel like supporting the artist

Rockspeny said...

Martijn n Matias, thanks for this! Have always wanted to hear this, very much look forward to it... The original Catamaran at last!

Valentina said...

Thanks so much !!!