Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ok, we are back... and with a fucking sweet album... check them out.. nice riff, nice intro as well (it reminds me a lot to Spinal Tap haha)
a must have baby..

2.No Brakes
3.Hijack the World
4.I Got the Shakes
5.Warm Beer
6.Black Bra
7.Can't Afford you
9.Give me Some



Martijn said...

Matias, I got the birth of sol music from 86 by yawning man, wanna share this amazing piece of music with you and everybody else, how do I get in touch with you to send it or where do you have a site where you recommand I should upload it?

Matias said...

oh.. fuck man.. I saw it on i-tunes, and in a couple of torrent sites... pls upload it to megaupload or mediafire,and paste the link in the comments, I'll take it and 'll make a propper post.. or send it to my mail..:
thanks martin!

vaasta1987 said...

Thanks a bunch for this album.

Is there any way you could re-up the 'Electric Wizard - Live at the Star Bar 2002' show?

Alot of people seem interested in it.

I'm willing to trade it with Sleep boots if you want.



Martijn said...

You've got mail!

M83 said...

See an interview with singer/bass from Canyon Creep on my old site.


I'm the founder/guitarist/vocalist of the late CANYON CREEP. Thanx to everyone for the interest. I listened to this recording on a powerful stereo system recently and was blown away at it's excellent sonic characteristics. Fantastic filthy Matamp and Orange tones are mixed with very deep, rumbling subwoofer, and a MELVINS 'houdini' type reverb on the drums. Of course, this release was engineered and mixed by Billy Anderson(SLEEP, MELVINS, ACID KING), who turned in one of his finest sonic works.

This cd was released in 2002 on 'This Dark Reign' records and is long out of print. All retail outlets are totally out of stock as far as I know. However, I have a very limited number of copies that I am selling personally for real cheap . email me at Thanks,

Rockspeny said...

Thanks for this Mathias, right on my wavelength this. Gotta love that intro! Played "Can't Afford You" over four times. Tony, what happened to the band?

Tony said...

we broke up in 2002 after I moved to Portland , OR. Jerry (drummer of Creep) and I are in a new band called TUCO RAMIREZ

It" right up your alley if you liked Canyon Creep.