Sunday, March 01, 2009

MC5 - HIGH TIME (1971)

While Kick out the Jams is commonly (and deservedly) hailed as a rock & roll classic, the equally solid High Time is often lost in its shadow. This was the mighty MC5's swan song and recorded under much duress (though you'd never guess that from the performances). What the album lacks in the band's trademark political venom, it makes up for with solid production, courtesy of Geoffrey Haslam, and a strong set of songs. Hell, Wayne Kramer's "Poison" is my favorite MC5 song. The production here is great, considering it was '71. The sound of High Time is audibly better than other Detroit releases from its time period (FUNKADELIC, STOOGES, etc.) in that you can not only hear the bass, but you can hear it carrying the band as a functional aspect of the rhythm section. Check it out on the galloping closer, "Skunk". If the 13th Floor is a microcosm of intelligent rock fans, which I believe it is, the Faithful will always be torn down the middle when it comes to Back in the USA. We should be able to agree unanimously, though, that the MC5 came in, and went out, with a timeless classic.

1. Sister Anne
2. Baby Won't Ya
3. Miss X
4. Gotta Keep Movin'
5. Future/Now
6. Poison
7. Over & Over
8. Skunk (Sonically Speaking)



mad4music said...

Damn, Big Jack! You're serving up a ton of good stuff. I've got a lot of catching up to do here!

This MC5 album is hands-down my favorite from The Five. They were really firin' on all eight cylinders with this one. Who knows how good their next LP woulda been if they just coulda hung in there a bit longer.

"Sister Anne" is my personal fave.

Big Jack said...

Cap-- I didn't know you were still walking among us, man! I actually thought of you when I posted this one, as well as when Mighty Matias posted KotJ. I know you're a big fan of the Detroit Sound. Welcome back to the 13th Floor, ol' chap!

Dr. Carrion said...

Sister Anne and Baby Won't Ya is one of the best starts that i've heard in a record.

just fantastic!

Matias said...

I could agree with Dr. Carrion...
The Cap. never left us

bobbysu said...

thank you so much