Wednesday, March 04, 2009


My bad, i should have posted this long time ago...check out this names...
Ruben Romano (Nebula / Fu Manchu)
John Mcbain (Monster Magnet / Wellwater Conspiracy)
Scott Reeder (Kyuss / Across the River)
Isaiha Mitchell (Earthless)
Lorenzo Woodrose (Baby Woodrose / On Trial)
Jason Corbin (Bartenders Bible / The Casbah)
John Cobett (Hammers of Misfortune / Ludicra)
Jack Endino Skin Yard / Earthworm)
Mr. Bernie Worell (Wizard of Woo & Woo Warriors / Funkadelic / Parliament)

Judging from the names it should be a genuine Stoner-supergroup, but do not expect a Desert Sessions part 11. The Freeks is an entirely different cup of tea, or to be precise, a different slice of cheese

  1. Hellacopter Drop
  2. Lost and Never Found
  3. It is Written
  4. Look Ahead
  5. Excuses
  6. Descent of the Yellow Chrysalis
  7. The Go-Go Get
  8. At the Station
  9. Coming On
  10. The Tribal Council Adjourn
  11. Lunette
  12. Basque in the Splendor
  13. Tillboks Till Stockholm
  14. Absorb
  15. Invasion of the Earthworm (Uncle Jacks Lost Freek-Out)
  16. Dance of the Moth Queen


Jordan said...

You had me at "Ruben Romano and John McBain"

Definitely gonna check this out.

Big Jack said...

Man, this is badass. Not exactly what I was expecting, but very cool. Great post, bro. I wonder where Bernie hooked up with the desert crew?

Matias said...

Yeah man, i had to check and re-check about Bernie hooked up with these guys...though, I can't feel him..

Ron said...

Yeah Matias, got this on on vinyl,love this trip.

See you mentioned Across The River,
did you book any progress on their
"Live At County Line" Boot, I myself contacted Scott, he was very positive in his reply, but after that one i never herad from him again...

Greetz Ron

Matias said...

hey.. Ron my man!! no, bro, still looking.. I will contact a guy who used to work on SST... but i think i found something you all will like..coming up soon..

spunkie said...

nice post of this cool group.

iGgy said...

This is pretty the only thing I have been listening to since you posted this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The cover of November's Tillbaks Till Stockholm cracked me up. More bands should do covers in languages they don't speak...

Anonymous said...

Oh.... and killer album by the way... thanks a lot!!

Caron said...

WOwowowowowo, I'm gonna see them at the Azkena Rock Festival, this May!!!

Man, they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

gramouk said...

WOW, this is absolutly RAD! love this shit, reminds me of orquesta del desierto a bit. so good!

Thanx so much! But could u please rip this at 320kbps cuz this is really shit quality for such good music ;)


john said...

for those who want better quality i found it in 320:

Anonymous said...

matias dead link please !!!!!!! resubilo !!!!!!