Thursday, July 24, 2008

ROTOR - 3 re-up for my man in Uruguay

Not much to say, just that this is not the cover art
  1. Auf' Maul
  2. V-ger
  3. Rotor
  4. Hart im Wind
  5. Umkehrschub
  6. Drehsturm
  7. Klar Schiff
  8. Nordend
  9. Kaltstart
  10. Transporter



Anonymous said...

Gracias por re-subir este disco.Saludos El Negro.

lop said...

guau!! an uruguayan record on gome! exelent!
un vamo' arriba para la gente de rotor!

lop said...

Well now I realize that the band was not uruguayan but the person who requested it..
Cheers anyway

Baron said...

Here is the cover image.

Fantastic album.

k9lyn said...

this is what stoner rock is all about,beautiful tunes in the vein of Colour Haze and Kyuss.

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

Oh my god are these guys the absolute funkiest sound around!! Never heard of them and I am totally into it. You upload some of the finest music I have heard yet. Thanks so much for sharing and putting this fine talent out there for all to hear. Is there any way I can hear the 1st 2 cd's of RotoR??? I have been looking everywhere with no luck. Any re-up would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.