Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Produced and mixed by Josh Homme & Alan Johannes, this belgium band will surprise you, though, too much sampling for me, but you can actually feel Homme presence here.

1. I'm On A High
2. A Lust Unmatched
3. For A Maid
4. Streetlife Cherry
5. Rise And Fall
6. Alpha Male
7. Love Is A Sickness
8. Ballad Of Pure Thought
9. We Don't Live There Anymore
10. Wake Up The Children
11. A Face That Doesn't Fit
Nocturn (Unlisted Track)



Anonymous said...

Hey dudes. I can't unzip this for some reason. It says Millon.rar is not a rar archive - No files to extract. Any ideas?

Cheers for a great blog!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Im having the same problem. Is there a password to unzip it maybe?

I love this blog btw. Good stuff. You guys rock.

Matias said...

no man, no pass as always, I'm not having any problem but check this other link: http://lix.in/442adf95
it pass is: www.mundoeleven.blogspot.com

Nerkon said...

Yeah men, welcome to my blog.
I see do you like the good music, so visit Mundo Eleven.