Thursday, May 15, 2008


Anther GOME exclusive, it's getting very hard to find something that hasn't benn posted from the "brotherhood" before... so here it is, the Brand new Mudhoney's, don't spect to find anything new here, yet it's pretty interesting to have a look....

1. I'm Now
2. Inside Out Over You
3. The Lucky Ones
4. Next Time
5. And the Shimmering Light
6. The Open Mind
7. What's This Thing?
8. Running Out
9. Tales of Terror
10. We Are Rising
11. New Meaning



Rinjo Njori said...

On my third listen... Wow! Mudhobey actually met the Dino Jr. benchmark for good reunion albums. It's good that most of the grunge alumni can't churn out albums as good as this or we might have to endure a full fledged Grunge reunion

Cheeto said...

What's wrong with a grunge reunion? It's sad that there's only one comment on this post. You people need to open your minds and get the full picture.. (Free your mind and the rest will follow).

Peluka said...

Mudhoney!!!! This guys came to Argentina in October!!!!
Hey BJ, can you reup ick Oliveri's EPs "Demolition Day" and "III"?
I need it man.

Matias said...

che peluka, posta vienen en octubre? tirame mas data....
*Sorry for the spanish Impass

Peluka said...

Si, los trae DG producciones (Grinbak) y serie en la trastienda (Excelente lugar en mi opinion). Se rumorea que ese mismo mes volveria PJ por nuestra tierras.
*Sorry for the spanish Impass too = )

Matias said...