Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yeah.... another GOME exclusive, the brand new Fatso's Live Album, what can I say man?? 2 previously unreleased tracks* and more sax than we are used to, but sounds great. I can picture how it would be seeing them live...

1. Too Many Skulls
2. Back Road Tar
3. Orgy Porgy
4. I’ve Got The Shame
5. Let Go *
6. Golden Age Of Cellblock Slang*
7. Rail Job



Ron said...

One word! SUPURB

thx mathias


mr.A said...

Thank you very much Matias, this is awesome!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the great work on the blog. Fatso are fantastic. Thanks mate!

slik said...

Amazing. Far better than the studio recordings. They instanly went to the top of my list of bands to see.

Kilgore Trout said...

once again Freakin' Awesome!!!!!! thx man .....any chance of re upping Cruel & Delicious & or Power of Three both excellent Fatso Jetson releases

Matias said...

Your Wellcome guys!
Kilgore check the Sludge to Swamp blog at the right corner, their links for those albums are still working. Anyway i'll try to upload them soon

Kilgore Trout said...

thx bro

Sean_McEleny said...


I bought this on record but don't have a player, will soon, the art is great! I hear they're opening for Brant this thursday at the Viper room but I dont see it listed yet.


Nacho said...

Gracias por el disco, buen Matías!

Saludos loco!!

Cheeto said...

Great post, Matias! Christ, you beat us to this one!! I love the live sound these guys have. Thanx very much! Respects!

Anonymous said...