Saturday, April 19, 2008


Rick Rubin gets a lot of credit for his work with Johnny Cash, Glenn Danzig and countless others, though he's rarely mentioned as the lummox that dropped the ball with FLIPPER, UNIDA and, of course, the legendary TROUBLE. One for the Road was a post-American Recordings EP sold on tour in Europe. I probably wouldn't call this particular release essential, but if you're like me, you want all the TROUBLE you can get your hands on. It's kinda cool hearing earlier (and rougher) versions of "Another Day" and the classic "Requiem". G.O.M.E.'s all-time most downloaded album is TROUBLE's Manic Frustration, so I know the band is well-liked on the 13th floor. With that it mind, I recommend it.

1. Goin' Home
2. Window Pain
3. Requiem
4. Another Day
5. Doom Box



Black Hole Son said...

Huh... I didn't know that "Goin' Home" had already been written way back in 1994. I like the studio version a bit better, but they both kick ass regardless. Pretty interesting stuff... thanks Big Jack.

Wilder said...

Trouble rocks. Any chance you could re-up some of their other stuff? All the links are dead.

Rinjo Njori said...

How does the GOME faithful feel about this:

Is trouble, trouble without Eric Wagner? or are they suddenly journey?

They could have done worse than Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul

Anonymous said...

Thanks GOME!
Trouble is one of those bands you know deserve to be on rock radio alongside Sabbath and Zep.

Kory Clarke is a good singer, but we will just have to hear if it feels right having him in the band.

There are a lot of great bands on this site. Sometimes I wonder about getting ALL of it, as it must be good, or you wouldn't have posted it?

Any chance you have Fu Manchu's first record on Slap-A-Ham Records in 1990? Boy did I feel stupid not ordering it, after I heard their previous band's, VIRULENCE, album a year or more later!