Monday, December 13, 2010

Dragontears - TURN ON TUNE IN FUCK OFF!! (2010)

If you liked last post, then you will appreciate this one, a BabyWoodrose satellite..tune in and fuck off


Johnny said...

nothing more to say..

thx a lot for this gem, matias!!

Flavius said...


i didn't know where to post so I'm leaving a comment. Thank for all the great music. It has been very hard to find all these fantastic bands in Romania.
I'm also leaving a link with a great band I discovered, Sahara Surfers maybe You know out it from Austria.

Many psychedelic days
Flavius from Romania

Matias said...

yes Flavious, I know them and they know us, they sent me their album, is posted down below, do a search and you will find it..

Johnny, you will love next post then.

Anonymous said...

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