Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whores of Tijuana - PSYCHOLONGEVITY (2010)

I took this one straight from the Sludge Swamp, don't know if Scott Reeder is still involved with this guys.. but check it


Anonymous said...

Reeder produced it, but he's not in the band.

Sean said...

Reeder did help produce our record, we are currently trying to distribute it. You do not have our permission or that of B@1 Productions to upload a link for mp3 downloads. You are breaking the law. I suggest you eliminate the link before our people find out. Maybe one day all you freeloaders will have your property stolen anonymously from you without your knowledge and then you understand how it feels to be robbed blind. We're just trying to make a living here. I doubt you can understand what a band goes through to release a record. It's not cheap. Be a fan not a thief.
Legit copies can be acquired and signed on request

Good luck with the Karma points...

Sean Whore