Saturday, October 09, 2010

Josiah - Procession (2010)

I never payed any attention to Josiah, but lately I fell in love with Matt Betancourt trough "The Kings Of Frog Island" and tough this it's not the same, I can actually feel the connection..Enjoy this British Fuzz rockers


dan said...

I also quite enjoy these, hints of the psych rock and lots of fuzz, good stuff.

Rockspeny said...

Thanks for this Matias, I have their first two albums and both are superb, first album Josiah is all fuzz n acid trips n killer tracks, especially Malpaso. Second album Into The Outside is more classic rock, with awesome riffs, great tracks, and a distinct Southern edge to it, but it looses its edge towards the end. The Third album No Time is plain boring in my opinion. Looking forward to hearing this final one with out takes and live tracks, Josiah have disbanded this year.