Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is something you can't miss...I think the right word here is "Freaky"... damn I love this things.. pls check the video preview (you need to see this) and you will know better what is this all about.. or maybe not...
anyway, with those song tittles it can't be bad.

1-String Around A Stick
2-All The Rockets Go Bang
3-Fire In The Hole
4-Big Ass Hard On
5-Duck Back Down
6-Old Lady Jones
7-Look At That
9-I Want Your Shit On My Leg
10-Cold Motor
11-Pig Tail Swing
12-The Look At The Walk
13-Land Of A Thousand Swirling Asse



ricardo said...

the legend of 1 man bands!

you must check out phillip roebuck, for another great talent "on the field"...

Anonymous said...

hahahahah. hilarious video. like the name sez

Rockspeny said...

Man that's funny Matias, thanks for the pick me up there. I guess I know what to expect from the track titles now...Duck Back Down could go one of two ways I guess...

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