Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yes, 1974, and Yes a Fuzz storm from Africa, and thats all I will say about this record.
Why did I post this "Ancient African completely unknown for the occidental world" record???
well, hear it and then, you tell me why....



Big Jack said...

This is an awesome record. I was actually going to post it upon my return! Nice work, bro.

Matias said...

HEY MAN!!! Wellcome back bro

Jody Frosty said...

Wow! This guy really rocks!

It reminds Santana sometimes but with something different...

Wonderful post!

El Presidente said...

this album rules.

nahuel said...


SpaceLord said...

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In fact, we should make an apointment for you 2 to come to the show! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
This is indeed mucho cool...!!!

High from the Lowlands!

Bastardo Roadburner.

bunnyboy said...

Love this record. Put it on the iPod right away, and it is still on there. Been listening to it all week. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great record!!! congratulations and a lot f thanks!

Matias said...

no man! thank you all of know, it happened the same to me, I had it (and still have) in my phone for a month at least, and i refuse to put it out, indeed, one of the greatest records I ' ve found this year
Love you guys

Anonymous said...

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Electric Buddha said...

wow, these guy are all fuzzed up... this album is pretty sweet thanks for the posting. Trouble Maker is so stuck in my head... Woo Hoo!

chris_c said...

well cool thx! the motorhead and electric wizard live sets look great - any chance of a re-up? would really appreciate it. btw: GREAT BLOG!!