Friday, October 24, 2008


Last weekend, I have the fortune to be in the Mudhoney show here in Bs As, an overwhelming show indeed, I recommed to any of you my gnomies to check them out, they fucking rule, and they are over 40, fuck man! I wish I could be like them when I were 40...anyway, this postg it's not to talk about my wishes, but to talk about this great Argentinean that came to my mind when they opened the show, along with Los Natas.
First, I want to make clear that this is not a standart GOME fair, but most of you will appreciate this Surf revival music, in fact, I believe they are one of the best in the whole world doing this, I suggest you to check them out also, lost of reverb, lost of tremolo....




Nacho said...

Matías, tanto tiempo.
Voy a ver qué tal estos surfers, gracias!


Brandonio! said...

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