Sunday, September 14, 2008


We are back man! we are fucking back!

Right in the vein of Kyuss/Dozer, a few Italian dudes made this lovely album, I guess it was in 2006, doesn mind, I didn't get the traklist either, you could notice I'm fucking lazy these days.....
Anyway, as you are used to, I made a preview, the best song in the album I guess.
take care my gomies® !! The GOME refuse to die!




Anonymous said...

Oh fuck yes!

Never commented before, but I was wondering what had happened to GOME. You guys rule!

Cheeto said...

Damn, Matias, how long does it take for you to get albums down in South America? We posted this one back in July!

Seriously, it's great to see you are still keeping the Gome alive. Don't make me have to remove you from our "Familia" links! (I wouldn't remove you!). Keep postin'!
Lots of love to you!
--Cheeto-- :)

Anonymous said...

Finally, I almost thought you was dead..!!

High from the Lowlands!!


Matias said...

thanks guys for your concern! We really appreciate that!
Cheeto my Man/Cat! where do you think I get this album from? :lol: I needed to post it here too.
You guys rules!
There is some good news coming up!
Cheers to all

Iván said...

Big ups! About damn time. Where's Jack?

Matias said...

who knows.................

Anonymous said...

Emh, no.

Meximan Mud is a band from Genova (Italy), formed the past year (2007) and just in the eraly months of this 2008 they recorded this ep. I know it without doubt 'cause the band gave me the ep for write a review.

Anonymous said...


Riez said...

A great EP, can't wait till they press it on vinyl! I hope they do soon an european tour!

pulc8 said...

it's cool to find this!!!
i was the drummer of MM..
we are from La Spezia not Genova ;)
we split up,now we're MUD and ,as soon as we record some songs,i'm gonna make a post on my brand new blog!
thanx for support!